Top 10 Looks for Jason Voorhees

We do so many reviews and Blu Ray announcements and promoting Indie horror.  Sometimes we need to have some fun and throw up a post for fan of the big boys.

Jason Voorhees look has changed in every single movie.  Even when the same actor, Kane Hodder plays Jason, he had 5 looks in 4 movies.  So we are going to rank our top 10 looks for Jason Voorhees, he just changes so much.  Different make up artists and different actors help lead to this, not to mention each director having a different vision for the character.  Well, Steve Miner did have two films that took place over two days and Jason looks so different.  But we love it!  We love “sack head” Jason and when he gets the iconic hockey mask, we love it all!

Before we get to our top 10, we want to give a shout out to Roy Burns, played by Tom Morga.  We did not include him because he is an impostor Jason, but we still love Roy Burns!  Also Ari Lehman, the original Jason from Friday the 13th, before the ever put a sack on his head or a hockey mask.  Bu we want the goods, we want the man behind the mask.

On with the list!

10. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Kane Hodder)

This, is one of Jason’s worst looks, ever.  The bloated head that has damn near consumed the mask is bad and not to mention the little bits of hair, that we haven’t seen since Friday the 13th part II.  But even more is the little faded jump suit Jason wears.  He looks like a chubby Jason and it makes one wonder what they were thinking.  But Jason has very little screen time, so, whatever.

9. Freddy vs Jason (Ken Kirzinger)

First of all, Kane Hodder should have played Jason in Freddy vs Jason.  The gave the role to Ken Kirzinger and made Jason look like Frankenstein’s monter with an egg plant head with a hockey mask.  The look was poor and Ken was not the best Jason.  Sorry, I wanted to see something like The New Blood look vs Freddy not egg plant head vs Freddy.  Even his hockey mask looked bad, it does look like something from Spirit Halloween, very flat looking.

8. Jason X (Kane Hodder)

Jason had two looks in Jason X, pre-Uber Jason and Uber Jason.  I am not impressed by Uber Jason, so many are, I just did not like the look, I guess its cool.  The pre-Uber Jason look, we get a fuzzy head and a bizarre mask with a squared nose.  I hate that mask, not as much as Freddy vs Jason, but it is the last costume Kane wore as non Uber Jason and it was bad.

7. Friday the 13th part II (Steve Dash and Warrington Gillette)

Sack head Jason!  Well, this look ranks low because it is very simple and has been used in other movies, like the Town That Dreaded Sun Down.  But the overalls and plaid shirt do complete the look of the back woods loony.  This is some fan’s favorite look, so that is something.  There has been some kind of strange arguement about who played Jason, Warrington or Steve Dash.  To me, I think Warrington was only in the final shot, unmasked Jason, which is not part of our ranking.

6. Friday the 13th VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (Kane Hodder)

This look is very simple.  Kane made it look good.  The one think I really like, the mask is has very different looking chevrons, it also has this yellow look that matches the costume.  I also like that Jason constantly looked wet and slimy and in the darkness, all you can see is the mask.  I think I like this look more than most, no terrible.  That is why it is right in the middle.

5. Friday the 13th part 3D (Richard Brooker)

Ah yes, this usually ranks high for fans because it is the film Jason gets his mask.  Jason changes a bunch from this look in part II.  He is hulking and has a this hump on his back.  He is now completely bald and is wearing a button up shirt and slacks.  The colors are faded and look very 80s, but faded is good.  Part II and III are Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, Jason changes so much in a matter of hours.  This look, most love, it is ok for me, ranks in the middle because it is the intro of the iconic hockey mask.

4. Friday the 13th 2009 (Derek Mears)

Hulking, deformed and ragged, this is how Jason should have been.  Of course Jason gets two looks, the sack head look and the iconic hockey mask.  The hockey mask looks like it barely fits he bulbous head, but it works.  I do think in this movie the sack head is the more terrifying option.  But, he gets handed an option to change from the cumbersome sack, to a each breathing hockey mask.  Overall, Derek Mears looked great in the role and I would have loved to see more of him, but like most before, it is one and done.  I wonder if we see another movie, will Derek get the role?  I personally would say yes, even if I wanna see Kane get one last shot.

3. Friday the 13th the Final Chapter (Ted White)

Most say that this is the best of the films, I disagree.  I also have a feeling most will say this look is better than the look at number 2 in the list.  This is the best look for human Jason.  The mask changes over the course of the movie and it has the ax mark in the top of the head.  Ted White also plays the part a little differently and it adds to the look.  The costume is very similar to that of part 3D, but this time it is darker and just looks more frightening.  Ted White is the man!

2. Friday the 13th part VI Jason Lives (C.J. Graham)

His costume is now a tattered mess and very similar to the look from the Final Chapter.  The mask differs a little, I like to think Tommy Jarvis made this mask, considering he is a master at creature design, the hockey mask would be no problem.  But, my reasoning for his look being above the Final Chapter, well…he looks scarier to me.  He is a freaking zombie Jason now and behind the mask, he is all messed up.  His skin color has changed and no longer looks human.  He also looks bigger, taller.  I love Jason Lives.

1. Friday the 13th part VII The New Blood (Kane Hodder)

This is the most terrifying look to Jason.  Say all you want about this movie being bad, which I don’t think it is.  Every single cut, tear and bullet hole is in this costume.  Take that and many years under water thanks to Tommy Jarvis, this is it, the best look for Jason.  He has his spine showing, bones from his fingers and my favorite part, how bad the mask looks.  It is fucking messed up.  Jason still has the chain around his neck and we see where Tommy his Jason with the propeller blade in the mask.  Awesome make-up job and Kane Hodder becomes the man behind the mask.

Regardless of how Jason looks, we love him, in the movies, comics and video games.  Jason is one of the most iconic horror monsters and I think the horror monsters of the 80s man have surpassed the monsters of the 30s in being recognizable.

Now it is your turn, what is your favorite look for Jason Voorhees.  Remember, he’s out there…

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Just for fun, here is Savini Jason and Retro Jason from the Friday the 13th the Video Game.


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