End of the Road: ‘Supernatural’ Concludes in October!

Earlier this year, production on the 15th, and final, season of the CW’s long-running television show, ‘Supernatural’, was halted due to Covid-19. At this point they had shot 18 of the 20 episodes of the season, with the first 13 being completely finished, as the other 5 were awaiting post-production. They only had two episodes left to shoot when the pandemic struck, and the show went on yet another hiatus with the release of the final seven episodes left in limbo, leaving the eager fans wondering when we’ll get to see the Winchester boys journey come to an end.

Well the question has been answered as the CW has officially announced that the remaining Seven episodes will premiere starting on Thursday, October 8th at 8:00!

Just to be clear here, despite what some click-bait websites have been reporting over the last few months, the final seven episodes are NOT Season 16. Furthermore, they are not shooting additional episodes “to improve plot”, as some rumors are claiming. These last seven episodes are very much a part of Season 15, as they will be listed under when added to Netflix and eventually released on Blu Ray and DVD – The thirteenth episode, titled “Destiny’s Child”, which aired on March 23rd, 2020, is not the final episode of season 15.

So why is there so much confusion about this final season?

Well, for starters it doesn’t help that there are many websites and many writers out there who willingly publish whatever bullshit they can for likes and clicks, regardless of how meaningless or inaccurate their content is; regardless if they’ve even seen or have any knowledge of their subjects; some people are so desperate to build their online empires that they sacrifice integrity for popularity, and as such fiction is sold, and believed, as fact.

On top of click-bait misinformation being spread on the internet, the confusion can also be attributed to the decision to release the first 13 episodes of Season 15 on Netflix, and the fact that the CW aimed for a Fall release of the final seven episodes – a time-frame in which the network usually premieres new seasons of their shows – but just remember, these decisions come under unusual times and circumstances. Look at it this way, the show only went on it’s 20th hiatus of the season (exaggerated number, of course), and if you’re familiar with the CW network’s programming, you know that they’re no strangers to taking breaks, making their shows last in a long stretch from October to May.

While I personally, and selfishly, wanted the show to continue on for many more seasons, everything must come to an end – and at least they’re going out on their own terms rather then a forced cancellation. It’s hard to gauge what I would consider to be a satisfying conclusion to this series (other than ‘Swan Song’, which was a perfect ending as is) but the optimist in me hopes for the best.

Here we are, ‘Supernatural’ fans – seven weeks away from the beginning of the end, and I got a feeling that we’re going to be in for a wild ride.

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