31 Days of Horror: Five Vengeful Horror Movies

This list is two years in the making! In early 2017, I saw Wicked Horror post their very own list of movies with a revenge theme. While their list is full of great films, that are all classics, I realized there are a lot more out there, and some that may be a little more underappreciated, or less widely known, so I decided to make my own list.

The Loved Ones (2009)


The Loved Ones is an Australian horror film that I came across probably about six years ago, while browsing the free horror movies section from my cable provider’s on demand. It stars Robin McLeavy as Lola, who decides to get revenge on Brent, played by Xavier Samuel, when he turns down her offer to go to the dance with her. It’s a very fun, and bloody movie, but be warned, if you watch it you WILL catch yourself randomly singing a certain song that is in it for the rest of your life! Those dang ear worms!!!

American Mary (2012)

American Mary is a pretty well known movie, created by the Soska sisters, and starring Katharine Isabelle, about a woman named Mary whose life drastically changes after being sexually assaulted. She goes from pursuing a career as a normal surgeon, to becoming an underground queen of body modification, and of course she’s go to use these new skills she’s acquired on the job to get revenge on the man who assaulted her. It’s a really gross, really great movie, that you definitely need to check out if you haven’t by now!

Bound to Vengeance (2015)

Bound to Vengeance is a film that I found on Netflix, years ago. It is about a young lady who is kidnapped, but escapes and makes her captor take her to release his other victims from around the city, and fight back against his whole operation. 

The Collection (2012)

One of my favorites, The Collection, is the sequel to The Collector, again starring Josh Stewart as Arkin who is trying to survive the collector’s traps, but this time inside of the killer’s lair. This time however, he isn’t alone in his fight, but with a group of individuals who have been hired to retrieve a man’s daughter who was recently taken by the criminal. I actually prefer this sequel to the original, although I really love both of them. The Collection takes it’s already unique premise that was created in the first film, and gives us even more things unlike anything we’ve seen before. It gives us an inside look into what The Collector does once he takes his victim’s away from the original crime scene, and even more gruesome traps. The first trap of the film is a particularly nasty one, and the others that follow don’t disappoint either.

Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014)

Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife is a horror comedy written, directed by, and starring Scream 3’s Scott Foley, as well as Patrick Wilson. In Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife a group of friends kill Ward’s overbearing bully of a wife and have to work together to cover their tracks. 

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