Frightful Fright: I Scream for Scream Queens!

Welcome back, my fellow things that go bump in the night. As the this weeks title implies, this post is dedicated to the ladies of horror be they blood soaked beauties or fearful females.

This post was not created to talk about the up coming season 2 of TV show, but I will mention it because it seems to have some talented individuals working on it. Including one of the greatest scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis!

We at The Horror Syndicate have always appreciated the women that make horror great. I am going to talk more about some of the up and coming queens, because we have actually talked about the more Iconic ones in the past. Here are a list of some of our favorites.  There are so many more to mention, but these ladies get out Ghost!

Jamie Lee Curtis

Katharine Isabelle

Danielle Harris

Linda Blair

Rose McGowan

Heather Langenkamp

Dee Wallace

Sheri Moon Zombie

Neve Campbell


I want to thank Jessica Cameron for pulling from her own twisted knowledge of being a scream queen. She pointed me in the direction of several femme fatales through twitter. I normally post what my topics are a little early, so if you want to give me some input that will influence these posts follow me @FrightfulFriday, also @HorrorSyndicate.

Here is a some of what Jessica is working on, I am definitely going to be checking these out.

This first one is called Mania, and is a fucked up lesbian love story. The short teaser here shows that this is prime scream queen goodness.

Next on the list is Truth of Dare, this looks like a gorefest! I am not a huge fan of excessive gore, as it often time just slows the movie down. That being said, it looks like it is applied well in this movie about a very brutal game of Truth or dare.

Another woman of the silver scream is Cortney Palm, Cortney has played in movies such as Silent Night (2012) and Zombeavers, to name a few.

Silent Night (2012)

I have not seen Zombeavers yet, but it is on my short list after seen the trailer. Cortney certainly is an enticing figure in the movies that she has played in and puts her theatrical training to good use.

Ellie Church was also mentioned to me, and what I see is a someone with lots of potential. Horror fans are a special kind of family, with our own stars. I only have a vague idea who the Kardashian’s are, but Englund, Romero, and Petterson are all names I know well. i bring this up because Ellie seems to be a horror fan. Her skills and the work she has done points to that, and i am hoping to see more. I think fans of House of 1000 Corpses might like this movie she is in… Headless.

There are several more ladies I would like to include in this post, but they will have to wait. I am hoping some of you will post other great sinister starlets in our comments, I want the scream queens of today to be horror house hold names, and the best way to do that is share those that have impressed you!

That is all for this week, my fellow fans of fear. Remember that it is what is on the inside that counts… and she just might show you your heart to prove it…

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