Game Review: The Walking Dead Season 1

I have been reading the Walking Dead comic since, well 2005 I think.  Of course soon to follow was a the AMC television show, which has really lost my interest.  In 2012 we were given a video game from Telltale games.  The game is all about story, not about action, shooting or an open world waste of time game.  There is a linear story, but it is also a choose your own adventure.

The game came out in 2012, so why review it now? Well, it is still relevant.  The story is terrific and the gameplay is fantastic.  To think every decision you make shapes the story is pretty awesome.  You can still go out and buy the game or download it on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

You play as Lee Everett, he is a school teacher who killed a man and is on his way to prison when everything begins.  The entire story is based of the decisions you make as Lee.  Whether people trust you, follow you or even hate you, it is all on the decisions you make.  So, yeah you have to pay attention to everything said by others and watch what you say.  Because in the end, it could come down to others helping you, or them leaving you.  At times it can get tense with other party members, especially when they argue and put you right in the middle of the argument.

The story unfolds into 5 different episodes and each are more intense than the last.  When I played the game originally in 2012, I was shocked at out deep the story was.  The character development is so good, you get invested in Lee and all of the characters he meets throughout the story.  Although, there are some characters who are basically canon fodder, but even so, you care about them too.  But more than anything, playing as Lee and seeing the world through his eyes, you care mostly for the young girl he cares for, Clementine.  Clementine is probably his driving force, not only to survive, but to help her survive and live in a world infested with flesh eating zombies.

Things I love about the game:

I love the graphics, the game is in color, but it exists within the world of the comic.  That makes me super happy, because the show world is….I just love that it is a part of the comics and not the show.  But the graphics really look like it is based off the art style of Charle Adlard, who has been drawing The Walking Dead since issue #7.  The voice acting is really great too, nailed the voices of every character, matching them perfectly to how they look.

Yeah, I recommend the Walking Dead to anyone who is a fan of the comic or even the show.  Either way, you know you’re in the world of Walkers or Roamers or whatever others call them.  The game works very much like the comic in the way the story goes.  You go from location to location trying to survive, while meeting others along the way and either having conflict or adding them to your party.  Each episode takes a couple of hours to complete, so don’t think this is a short story, it is an investment and it is one you have to pay attention to, there are no “speed runs” through the game.

I give the Walking Dead a 9 out of 10.  The game remains one of the very best video games that hasn’t dated itself like many others that were born on the previous generation video gaming systems.  The graphics take you right into the world of the comics and tell one hell of a story.  Buy the game and take the ride.  It goes for around $25.

This was my second play through and it was very engrossing.  The Xbox One is where I played it this time, and it came with 400 Days which was released seperately on the Xbox 360.  Enjoy!

Oh and for fans of the comic, there are 2 characters who pop up in Episode 1 from the comic and the show actually.

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