Zombies, girls and Daryl Dixon: How over time I grew to like zombies

The first zombie movie that was released was Victor Halperin’s White Zombie in 1932. It introduced us to what a zombie is .
The word Zombie comes from the word nzambi which means spirit of a dead person . It represents a person who has died but then comes back to life without speech or free will .
In the 1932 film ,Bela Lugosi, plays a witch doctor who zombifies a young woman with his potions and powders.
The idea of a living dead girl . The body is there but the free will is not . I have a few exes that would definitely like to try this on me .
The first zombie movie i ever watched was 1968’s Night Of The Living Dead .
This movie sent Zombie films into pop culture and set the “rules” of what zombies are and how to kill them.
I have to admit I just never liked the whole concept .
If I’m going to be killed and come back to life I think the vampire life was way more appealing.
The Next film I watched was 1985’s Return Of The Living Dead.
Still just eh about it all.
Ash in 1987’s Evil Dead 2 got my attention because even though you can debate it the characters are definitely reanimated corpses and the return of Ash made the movie a hit .
28 days later in 2002 was definitely an all out horror movie which scared me to death.
2004 ‘s Shaun of the dead started a trend in Zombie horror comedy and I enjoyed that light hearted twist on zombies. I also loved 2009’s zombie land with Woody Harrelson.
2002’s Resident Evil became a empire with the first sexy zombie slayer character played by Milla
Jovovich. I was thinking that men had their sex icon …. but what about us girls ?!!!!
In 2013 Brad Pitt in World War Z solidified a female audience . 2 words :Brad Pitt.
Ok zombies you have my attention !
In my opinion Zombie films draw such a huge male audience because it appeals to the basic instinct of men. Slaying without guilt to defend their families .
In 2010 the world was introduced to The Walking Dead.
Everyone at work was talking about it so I had to check it out.
It’s a cable tv show about the zombie apocalypse and how the survivors are struggling to make it through . The ladies were introduced to the character Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. Everyone was talking about this show and even though zombies did not interest me Norman Reedus did. The Walking Dead has a huge female fan base. Suddenly zombie attractions and costumes for Halloween were mainstream . Everyone wanted to dress up like a zombie.
Every single haunted Halloween attraction featured a tribute to zombies and the walking dead even adding paintball attractions where you can shoot the zombie characters.
Entire aisles of the Halloween stores featured zombie costumes . There’s even zombie 5k runs where you can dress up like a zombie and run a marathon.
We all drank the kool -aid and bit into the zombie genre full on .
As a girl I liked the fact that The Walking Dead has strong female character leads who kick ass on a regular basis and also because the women aren’t sexualized in every scene . They aren’t fighting zombies in lingerie and heels but that’s not all…
Allow me to introduce you to Daryl Dixon slaying zombies and looking damn good doing it .
He is fearless, loyal , isn’t afraid to get drunk during an apocalypse and he “ain’t nobodies bitch” not to mention his weapon of choice is a cross bow which he slings over his shoulder as he rides off on his motorcycle ( swoon).
Even though I personally have stopped watching The Walking Dead because I feel like it has definitely jumped the shark a long time ago I have to give credit where credit is due. This show made a huge impact on everyone.
Maybe people are dissatisfied with society , the government and life in general and the idea of an apocalypse and restarting society is appealing who knows?
Either way I am definitely more of a fan of the zombie genre .
If I’m going to be wandering around the earth worked to death this living dead girl at least wants to be roaming next to Daryl Dixon .
Now if only Rob Zombie could write a song about my living dead boy .

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