Horror For Halloween: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982)

After a very thorough discussion on this film during our ‘Horror Syndicate Live!’ episode two podcast, it became apparent that this movie should be included in our “Horror for Halloween” segment to finish up October. There are mixed opinions and fans on both ends of the spectrum concerning Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Where does your opinion lie?iii

Producers wanted something different. Michael Myers was supposedly killed at the end of Halloween II and it was time to take the story in a different direction. Producers ultimately settled on a possible anthology scenario where every year there would be a new storyline attached to the Halloween franchise (in name only). The script they decided upon was the birthchild of Season of the Witch.

Season of the Witch follows Dr. Dan Challis (Tom Atkins) as he gets drug into a perilous adventure, surrounding the small town of Santa Mira and a large factory in town called Silver Shamrock, that manufactures the world’s leading Halloween mask line. Investigating the disappearance of his new love’s father, Challis unravels a conspiracy of world-wide proportions that could undo humanity from the ground up and it all starts on Halloween. Can Challis stop this in time?

Initially at the box office, Halloween III was an enigma. People came to the theaters ready to see what was in store for Michael Myers. What they got was an entirely different beast. Some were confused. Some were enraged. Where’s Michael? Ultimately the film didn’t receive the accolades of the previous endeavors. But still did pretty well. But not well enough, because eventually producers went back to the Michael Myers format. But as I said, this film was an enigma. It is still, to this day.

This film has stood the test of time. Most Halloween purists, dislike this film. But other fans, the Horror genre fans, feel this film has a niche all its own. The producers were onto something. Maybe it was timing? Maybe it was a mistake in marketing labeling it under the Halloween franchise? I’m inclined to believe the latter. Television at the time proved anthologies worked with Tales from the Darkside. So, I believe their idea was solid. I also believe had the producers given us a fresh franchise and not aligned this film to the Halloween name, we could have had a really interesting set of films potentially and not a one and done.

gif courtesy of beware the horror blog
gif courtesy of beware the horror blog

Make no mistake, all negatives aside Season of the Witch is an excellent film. This movie is chalked full of intrigue. Really great special effects and a creepy story that will make you re-think what Halloween mask you buy this year.



Be sure to check this out before the clock runs out!


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