Horror Millennials

I know, I know, before you even begin reading the article you’re sitting there saying “screw this guy” but please here me out. As a child born in the 80’s grew up in the 90’s I caught the end of the movie rental era. A time so precious, a time before Netflix and YouTube, there was that feeling of anticipation, something that drew away all emotions of being trapped in reality… Movie stores. Actual movie stores, where experiences were based on what movies I took home. Besides the adult section (hidden in the back of the store) the horror/sci fi section was solely based on what cover art appealed to me the most. The was no other feeling then coming home with a collection of R rated horror flicks to binge-watch.


After the death of movie store rentals, Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime became king. We can agree that rental fees, late fees and rewinding fees were the absolute most hated element when it came to video rentals; but the experience was gone. That very same experience I had as a child into my teenage years was now gearing more towards what digital video sites have to offer.

The horror community was the most effected by digital video in the beginning. Now with classic titles slowly making there way to the attention of the younger generations, it is imperative that the digital video sites keep offering horror movies and push memorabilia towards old and new fans. We, the parents of future generations must teach our children, younger siblings, and youth that horror isn’t outdated. If anything, with the help of The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and The Shaky-Cam (even thought the average horror fan knows that these are the worst of the genre) footage flicks have inspired those younglings that horror is out there and if they want it, they have the technology to find better horror. Conventions are becoming more and more packed with new fans because of their role models, parents, and older siblings guiding the youths into what being a horror fan is all about

My belief is that instead of putting down the younger generations who show interest in horror/sci fi, WE actually embrace them and send them the message that horror films are very much alive and will live on after our heroes have passed (Wes Craven, Gunner Hanson, David Bowie etc). By the way, I totally think that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon should display original art covers when browsing titles, the same I discovered in the video stores, even though the physical experience isn’t there.


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