Lucio Fulci’s Manhattan Baby Is Out On Blu-ray Today!

The folks from Blue Underground release another Fulci treat to the masses. Manhattan Baby is a giallo/slasher that was released in 1982. Packed with special features this release is perfectly timed for the Halloween season.

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A young girl on vacation in Egypt is given a mysterious charm, causing her archeologist father to be struck blind inside an unexplored pyramid tomb. But when the family returns home to Manhattan, a plague of supernatural evil and sudden violence follows. Can this ancient curse be stopped before it is unleashed on the streets of New York City?



MANHATTAN BABY has been newly transferred and fully restored in 2K from the original uncensored camera negative and comes fully loaded with exclusive new Extras produced for this release!

* ‘Fulci & I’ – Interview with Composer Fabio Frizzi (An Hour-Long Career Overview Of the Soundtrack Collaborations of Fabio Frizzi & Lucio Fulci)
* ‘For The Birds’ – Interview with Star Cosimo Cinieri
* ’25 Years With Fulci’ – Interview with Make-Up Effects Artist Maurizio Trani
* ‘Beyond The Living Dead’ – Interview with Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti
* ‘Stephen Thrower on MANHATTAN BABY’ – Interview with the author of ‘Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci’
* ‘Manhattan Baby Suite’ – Live Studio Performance by Fabio Frizzi
* Theatrical Trailer
* Poster & Still Gallery
* BONUS Collectable Booklet featuring new writing by author Troy Howarth
* BONUS CD MANHATTAN BABY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi


This beautiful looking set gets released today. Pick it up now!

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