Moshu-boo: A Family Friendly Halloween Experience

“ Come little children I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment “ – Hocus Pocus
Let’s meet Kevin Friel the man behind the spooktacular Halloween attraction  aboard the 115 year old  ship called the Moshulu in Philadelphia, PA.  The Moshulu is “The world’s oldest and largest four-masted tall ship which offers unsurpassed views and a unique backdrop for intimate to extraordinary dining and celebrations.  From the restaurant, to our private dining rooms, and outdoor open-aired and tented decks, enjoy inventive and contemporary presentations of classic American cuisine combined with impeccable service creating a memorable experience” as described on their website.  But all month long in October The Moshu-boo is designed for a family friendly Halloween experience Friday to Sunday.
Kevin dresses up in a pirate costume and begins the tour with the Hall Of Heroes, which is a 3D custom made cut out maze of superheroes that the kids can take pictures with.  All of your favorite Marvel and DC heroes are featured.
Kevin then guides everyone towards various pirate themed Halloween displays which leads to the pumpkin patch where the kids can pick out a pumpkin to decorate.  Finally the families are lead to a free buffet complete with hot chocolate.  The room is also decorated with Halloween decorations and kid friendly Halloween music plays while the the families enjoy dancing on the spacious dance floor.  The experience usually runs around 2 2-1/2 hours.  Kevin came up with this concept as a result of his love for Halloween and also to bring a family friendly experience to the city.
Kevin’s love for Halloween started when he was young.  He was always drawn to the supernatural it intrigued him it never scared him.  The Moshulu is rumored to be haunted by a woman who lights candles but Kevin hasn’t encountered the ghost … yet.  He did have a supernatural encounter when he was younger at an old apartment he shared with his girlfriend , now wife, two dogs and 2 cats.  His girlfriend heard noises in the closet and called him at work panicking.  After that incident the neighbor approached them about the constant banging  on the walls. When the apartment was vacant they thought it was just kids breaking in and making noise.  One night while home alone with the 2 dogs and cats Kevin heard the noises but he wasn’t scared . Another time Kevin’s friend came over and they decided to do a test and asked “if there is a spirit in this house give us a sign” when suddenly the light bulb wouldn’t turn anymore and this happened twice.
Growing up Kevin said the scariest movie he saw was The Exorcist.  Like me he grew up Catholic also.  So the fear of the “ devil” was instilled in him as well.  Unlike me though  the theory of the Devil intrigued him because if you can find the devil you can find god.  Kevin was an alter boy in south Philly when he was young and religion seemed so mystical to him and it  planted a seed of curiosity to research more in his adult life.  He likes to research different theories on what happens after death.  Not a fascination with death but more of trying to learn different theories of what happens after death.
I also asked Kevin who is favorite Horror Director is and he said he is a Tim Burton fan.
“Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child .”
– Tim Burton
If you get a chance this October please go visit the attraction you will not be disappointed.  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook for contests and giveaways and follow us on Instagram as well.
Until next time hugs and hisses
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