Onlyfangs crowdfunding coming soon!

“Work sucks! Be a vampire”

Hot off the release of their indie horror hit, Murdercise, A & P Productions have begun preproduction on their new movie, Onlyfangs! They have not only announced their indiegogo campaign, which launches on March 15th, but also the main cast.

The film stars Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre) as the lovable monster hunter, Wes, who discovers a band of traveling vampires has moved into his town. Wes falls for manic pixie dream vampire, Reese(Kansas Bowing), while her sisters devour the local towns people. Lead by the ruthless Scarlett (Nina Lanee Kent), the band of vamps turn their attention to Wes and his conspiracy theorist friends. Fearing for his life, Wes helps the vamps develop an app to turn their victims into customers.

The film will also feature horror scream queen Jessa Flux (XXX-Mas), Adriana Uchishiba (Murdercise), Meredith Mohler (When the Trashman Knocks) and indie horror star, Ellie Church (Space Babes from Outer Space), making her return to the horror film world!

From the writer/director, Paul Ragsdale:

“We are excited to bring back many familiar faces from our previous movie, Murdercise, to Onlyfangs! Drew Marvick and Nina Lanee Kent have been with us since Slashlorette Party, and we love them so much we intend to put them in every movie we make in the future! Kansas Bowling and Jessa Flux quickly became beloved members of our film family after meeting them in 2022. We are also thrilled to be working with new people from the indie horror world such as Meredith Mohler and Ellie Church! “

From writer/director Angelica De Alba:

“This movie is inspired by our love of 80s vampire movies Lost Boys and Fright Night. It’s inspired by our love of 90s pop music and romantic comedies, so there’s some Spice Girls, She’s All That, Reservoir Dogs and Clerks mixed in there!”

The Onlyfangs indiegogo campaign launches on March 15th!

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