Retro Review: Halloween Resurrection (2002)

Halloween Resurrection is the final film in the original Halloween series timeline.  Actually, this is a second set of sequels to Halloween II.  Halloween Resurrection is the sequel to Halloween H20 which brought back Laurie Strode from the first two movies.  This is also the sequel to second sequel of Halloween II.  Yeah that’s right, the timeline splits and one follows Jamie Lloyd, Laurie’s daughter and the other follows Laurie to California and actually skips past Halloween 4 – 6.  This movie, really should have never happened.  To me, it was a cash grab and a way to make more movies.  This one actually left off and opened the door for a 9th film, which ended up being a remake of the original by Rob Zombie.

The story picks up after the events of H20 and this is the only part of the movie that works for me.  Laurie Strode is now in an Asylum and acting crazy.  We soon find out she was setting up Michael so she could kill him once and for all.  During all of this, the is an inmate who is obsessed with serial killers and when he sees Michael, he first of all does not die, but is excited.  I thought this was a nice touch.  Eventually Micheal and Laurie go head to head and, spoiler, he kills her.  So this journey has finally let here, he finally kills his sister.  It is kind of a fitting end, she thinks she has him, as she has been waiting for some time.


The movie then picks up back in Haddonfield, where Busta Rhymes has a bunch of college students locked in the Myers house with a bunch of gags set up throughout the house.  The students all have cameras on them, so people on the Internet can tune in and watch them die.  It is ridiculous and eventually Busta Rhymes fights Michael Myers.  Wow, I remember seeing this in the theater.  There is not much to redeem this one at all.  I guess the biggest reason for Michael killing is because of his these kids were on his property.  It was always about family and there are so many other ways they could have gone.  Home invasion is now the reason Michael kills…He did do that in Halloween 6: the Curse of Michael Myers.


When I found out this movie was coming, I was not too excited.  I was not happy with the direction of the last movie.  I was happy that Jamie Lee Curtis found her way back to the franchise that jump started her career.  But, I hate they ignore the Jamie Lloyd trilogy.  I understand it was something they had to do, but at the same time, they could have glossed over what happened and why Laurie left Jamie.  But, they went a different direction and it worked for some fans.  But for some reason, it felt like a “Scream” generation movie.

The original title of the film was Halloween: Homecoming.  Yep, they scrapped the title for the over-used “Resurrection”.  Resurrection has nothing to do with the movie at all, that was one good thing about the Halloween movies.  The sub-title always had something to do with the actual movie.  Halloween 4 was the Return and the the Revenge and Curse.  Those all made sense, in 4 Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield, in 5 he goes for his revenge on Haddonfield and 6, the Curse is about the Curse of the Thorn.  The good thing, Halloween: Homecoming could be used again.  I am not sure what John Carpenter and Blumhouse have up their sleeve, but if it is a sequel to Halloween II, here is a possible sequel name.

Halloween Resurrection, is a funny title.  What does Resurrection mean?  The act of rising from the dead.  This title would have been great for the remake or if the series had been long dead and returned.  But this movie actually did the opposite of its meaning.  It killed the Halloween series.  I really hoped for more movies even though this one was bad.  But 7 years later we got a remake of the series, that to date was the true death of Halloween.  

I hoped for a sequel and we go the remake, ok.  But I had an idea of bringing back Paul Rudd to play Tommy Doyle and bringing back Josh Hartnet to merge the timelines in the 9th Halloween movie.  But we got the Rob Zombie remake and now John Carpenter is coming back to the series in some form. has a rating of 5.7

This movie angered me and I have it at 5.4

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