Retro Review: The Mist (2007)

It is a surprise that this has not been reviewed before this.  This television show of the Mist is recording on my DVR as I write this article.

The Mist is a film based on the 1980 Novella from Stephen King.  When I first saw the Mist I really had no idea what I was in for.  I literally put it in my queue, remember when Netflix was DVDs only?  Yeah, it showed up one day and I popped it in the ole DVD player and wow was it awesome.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  Back in those days you just loaded up you queue with all kinds of shit and it would show up.  This one was a happy surprise.


After a powerful storm damages their Maine home, David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and his young son head into town to gather food and supplies. Soon afterward, a thick fog rolls in and engulfs the town, trapping the Draytons and others in the grocery store. Terror mounts as deadly creatures reveal themselves outside, but that may be nothing compared to the threat within, where a zealot (Marcia Gay Harden) calls for a sacrifice.

Damn this movie.  It is pretty intense, after storm and in to the grocery store, just really intense.  The movie is a mix between a creature feature to what happens to when everyone loses their minds.  I mean that is what is more intense.  the zealot who ends up creating a mini lynch mob within the group who are stuck in the store because no one knows what is in the mist.  It is a lose, lost situation for the people who keep their sanity.

But there are so many different things that are in the mist that covers the entire town.  There are these, worm things that eat you, some kind of flying mosquito things and scary ass spiders.  The Mist keeps you on edge, stay in the store or make a run for the unknown.

The biggest surprise comes with one of the most fucked up endings in film history.  Which I cannot give away if you haven’t seen the Mist.  Just take my word for it.  I remember the first time I watched the movie and thought to myself, “what in the hell?”

Overall, the movie is terrific, it is intense and scary and plays on many different levels.  Like I said there are creatures out there, there are creatures inside the store.  This is a great horror movie.  I think it is a little over looked and underrated in the horror circles and I am not sure why.  Perhaps with a somewhat resurgance of Stephen King’s work, it will get picked up by new fans and rewatched by people who may have not given it a fair chance. has a rating of 7.2, which is surprising

I give the Mist a 8.2 overall

I just love this film, it has a high creep value and tons of intense dread.  Go ahead and watch the Mist again.

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