Review: Hell’s Kitty (2018)

Hell’s Kitty- 2017

Synopsis: A Hollywood screenwriter’s love life is jeopardized by his hellacious cat.

There’s nothing worse than a bloody pussy. That’s at least what Writer, Director, and Star, Nick Tana would like you to believe while you’re watching 2017’s Horror/Comedy, Hell’s Kitty. Based on a web series of the same name that started in 2011, Hell’s Kitty details the horror of a pussy possessed.

The story revolves around Nick, played by Tana. Nick is a Hollywood screenwriter, who’s love life seems to always be in peril. Nick’s has a best friend, and neighbor named Adam, played by Adam Rucho. Adam seems to think Nick’s misfortunes as a bachelor are the result of his demonic cat named, Angel. Nick adores his furry, feline, and ignores obvious signs of evil. One particular sign was when Nick found a pentagram designed with kitty food on the kitchen floor. Nick’s problems don’t end there. He also can’t get any sleep due to a noisy neighbor, and faces a possible lawsuit from an ex-girlfriend who’s face was scarred by Angel the cat herself.


As Nick tries to deal with these problems, people start to disappear around him, and it’s possible that Angel remains the main culprit. Or does she? Nick’s best friend Adam displays a single white female attitude at times. This behavior keeps the audience guessing as to who’s really to blame for the foul play. Nick must now go through extraordinary lengths to solve the nightmare that surrounds him.

Hell’s Kitty is a dime a dozen, low budget, Horror romp. It relies on pretty good practical effects, and snappy one liners to try and get it’s audience through. The charm wears pretty thin however as the 2nd act materializes. The film spins into a collage of convoluted nightmare sequences, bizarre cameos, and listless acting display’s as the time agonizingly presses on.  As the cameos, and horror references pile up, they seem to be more of a gimmick than anything more. Genre vet’s like Charles Chiodo (Killer Klowns from Outerspace), and Adrian Barbeau (Creep Show) are a pleasant surprise, but add little to the story. Tana seems to be merely pay homage for the sake of paying homage. I’d list some of the films references to horror past to get you excited, but that would be as redundant as the film itself. If you’re in need of reminiscing about 80’s horror, and having a few laughs, then this your movie. Other than that, it doesn’t present anything groundbreaking.


On the plus, I found Hell’s Kitty to tap into a few metaphorical themes. It even seems a bit detective noir at times. However, there’s nothing here that will blow you away on a deeper level. Nothing except for maybe the never before seen cat exorcism that is performed. That’s right, a freaking cat exorcism is performed in this movie.


Hell’s Kitty, I’m glad I saw you once. I will not, however see you again. Let’s hope other audiences enjoy this ferocious fur ball more than I. I rate Hell’s Kitty, 3 out of 10 stars.




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