Horror Blu Ray/DVD News

Scream Factory: The Fly Box set

September 10, 2019 Ray Marek III

This is one of the highlights of the year when it comes to being a horror movie collector. All of the Fly movies in one place, even the 1986 “remake” and it’s sequel. So lovely. […]

Horror Blu Ray/DVD News

SDCC: Scream Factory Upcoming Releases

July 23, 2019 Ray Marek III

Yeah, yeah, San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, but damn it, I cannot get some of these releases out of my head.  Scream Factory, as usual drops a bomb on the horror and […]

Horror Lists

Top 50 Horror Movies of the 1980s

September 19, 2016 Ray Marek III

In the 1970s the horror genre began to change and pick up steam.  Some of the biggest classics were  in the 1970s.  The 1980s came and we saw a new wave of horror that was […]