The Barn part II is LIVE On IndieGoGo!

Do you love indie films? Do you especially enjoy Retro Horror and Halloween horror?

In 2016, Justin M. Seaman brought us the Barn.  The Barn is such a great Halloween film that takes place in 1989.  Since the Barn was released, we have followed Justin very closely, to conventions and with his new company Scream Team Releasing.

Now, Justin is ready to bring us the next chapter in the Barn Saga!  But, before he can shoot the film Justin needs our help!  With a budget of just over $37k.  You can be a part of helping bring this movie to life.  Go check out the Barn II on IndieGoGo and back it to help fund the movie.  There are plenty of great perks, including being killed by the first Jason aka Dr. Rock, Ari Lehman or killed by Trash herself Linnea Quigley.  There are props available and for most of us horror fans, signed copies of the DVD and Blu Rays, for you special fans, he is offering VHS tapes of the movie, like they did with the first.

Justin has been working on the Barn since he was a kid.  So this is his dream to see the second movie come to life.  Let’s help him and the Nevermore team to get this funded.  Check out our review for The Barn, the go to Scream Team Releasing and buy a copy, then go back the Indiegogo!

This is some great promotional art work from Justin, way back in the early 90s.  This man has the passion for creating horror.

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