Why I Love Demons 2 (1986) More Than Demons (1985)

It’s no secret, I love Demons 2 and I think I like it more than Demons.

Over the past seven or eight years I’ve dove in to Italian horror face First.  It began with a random Netflix viewing of Fulci’s The Beyond and from there I was hooked.  Of course that was not the first Italian film I’d seen.  Little did I know, way back in 1990, I saw a little film called Demons 2.  I had no idea it was Italian back then, I was 10 years old and really thought horror was just odd, so the voice dubbing didn’t really make me wonder why.

Back in 1990, we live just outside of San Diego, California.  My step-dad was a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and so there were Marines all-over the area.  The apartment complex we lived in was pretty sweet and yes Marines everywhere.  One of our downstairs neighbors was named “Dee”.  He was this muscle bound black dude who just came back from a tour overseas in Europe. First, he had the biggest muscles I’d ever seen and he was super cool.  Big time in to Horror movies.

Dee told me about all the bootleg movies he got on VHS in Europe and he “dubbed” them and he had this massive collection.  Dee had this water bed in his bedroom and drawers on the bottom, these drawers were full of movies.  He told me I could borrow anything I wanted as long as I returned them.  Dee was cool with my mom and stepdad and they hung out in the patio section between buildings.  I’d run down and ask for another tape and Dee let me in and went back to the patio section as I decided what to watch.

There was one tape I’ll never forget, it said Demons 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Halloween II.  I ran outside and asked Dee if I could watch this tape.  He looked at my mom and told her, “Demons 2 is a little fucked up, is this cool?”  My told him I survived Re-Animator.  Dee looked at me and say, “So you’re ready then?”  I smiled and ran inside my apartment and popped it in the VCR…Then…

My brain exploded.

The movie retells the movie from the first film, which is odd.  During Sally’s birthday party she Freaks out about some boy coming to here party.  She goes in her room and watches the Demons show on TV.  Then a Demon comes out of the TV and attacks Sally.  Next, Sally went out and had one hell of a transformation scene.  When the teether began being pushed out in favor of the Demon teeth, I was grossed out and hooked.  We got a Demon dog and a Demon kid.

Demons 2 is, kind of a copy of the first film, set in a highrise apartment complex.  These days it’s hard to pick one or the other.  But Demons 2 holds a place in my heart.  This was the most gore and crazy make-up I’d seen.  Sure the soundtrack wasn’t as good, but I think Sally was more focused as the main Demon than Rosemary.

With everything I’ve said, I do believe Demons (1985) is overall a better film and deserves an accolades it gets. For some reason I connected with Demons 2 more and I have so much fun watching it, after I watch the first.

Thanks for reading.

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