‘Wolf Hollow’ (2023): Trailer, Images, and More!

For all of you Werewolf lovers out there, there’s a brand new movie to keep an eye out for. ‘Wolf Hollow‘ is an independently produced horror-comedy from Writer/Director Mark Cantu, and stars Felissa Rose, Lynn Lowry, Hanna Fierman, and Christina Krakowski. The film was funded through a successful Indiegogo campaign.


The synopsis reads:

A group of young filmmakers, led by neophyte producer Alex Romero (Christina Krakowski), venture out on a location scout in rural Pennsylvania. Deep into the back country, it quickly becomes apparent they have stumbled onto a family of werewolves and must now survive the night.

Here is a good look at the films Bipedal Werewolf in action!


You can watch the trailer here:

You can order Blu Ray’s, DVD’s, and other merchandise at the link below:


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