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Well, the newest installment of one of our favorite horror television shows came to an end last night.  American Horror Story: Roanoke wrapped up its 10 episode run on Wednesday night, with a strange and to most, unsatisfying ending.  For me, it got worse and worse as the season pushed forward.  I liked the beginning, the first half of the season.  It was different and enjoyable.  But when they shifted focus of the show, it became very boring and a big time let down.

Now, you know me, I love a good list.  Well, hows about an American Horror Story worst to best season rank?  Some people may think it is obvious and some have their own idea on which season is the best and which is the worst.  Consider this, each season is 100% different, new stories, same cast, but different characters.  Can you compare each season objectively?  I don’t really know.  It mostly comes down to preference and this list is…my preference.

One last thing before we move on to the list.  I said I loved Roanoke, the first 5 episodes…the last 5 made it drop to me.  If I made this list 5 weeks ago, Roanoke is maybe the 3rd best.  But it was ruined for me.  Some may have liked it more after the 5th episode.

With what we have seen for American Horror Story, I cannot wait for the next season and I hope it is something great.  I also hope they market it the same way they did with season 6.  If I had my way, a good “Satanic Panic” would be a good season, demonic possession placed in the 1970s.  The Winchester House could be an interesting setting for a good ghost story.  I would love to see a straight up slasher in a small town set in the 1980s.  But we will have to wait nearly a  year before we will find out.  Will there even be a season 7?

6. Roanoke (2016)


I know it just ended, like an hour ago.  But, this season should be a warning.  Have a cohesive narative and do not bounce around.  The beginning of the season was great.  I loved the made for TV documentary, the recounting of an expeirence and dramatization.  I really liked the way it worked out.  If the season would have ended with the 5th episode, well it would be higher on the list.  Bringing real life into the show and seeing actors vs the “real” people, was shitty.  Kathy Bates killed it as both characters, but I just couldn’t care about the last 5 episodes.  I would rather watch an entire episode of Ghost Adventures in the fake Roanoke house.

Because of the ending and the last few episodes, I think Roanoke is the worst season and it seems the seasons are getting worse and worse.

5. Freakshow (2014)


Freakshow was a season I had zero interest in.  For good reason, I saw pictures of Twisty the clown and a few other things, but it fell flat for me.  Freaks or a Freakshow does not equal horror.  The best part of the entire season, to me, was the Edward Mordrake character and the two-part Halloween episode.

This to me was a sad way to say good-bye to Jessica Lange, she was a staple in the first four season and simply the best part of Asylum.  I loved every character, except her character in Freakshow.  This was my least favorite, until the end of Roanoke.  Freakshow was hard to watch for the simple fact, the episodes seemed to last hours, it was a drag.

4. Hotel (2015)


Hotel has its issues, plenty.  There are so many characters and interweaving story lines and it became somewhat hard to follow.  There are some really cool things to come from the season that made it entertaining.  First and foremost, Evan Peters as James Patrick March, the creator and first owner of the Hotel.  He was so outrageous and fun to watch, he kept me coming back to the show.  Kathy Bates was good and I loved the relationship she had with Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor.  Lady Gaga was kind of a standout, she did a fine job and was perfect for her role as The Countess.

Overall Hotel was kind of a train wreck with very intriguing characters.  With that I forgot about Wes Bentley, he was great.  But, back to the season, it was very surreal, it sometimes felt like the outside world did not exist.  While I liked Hotel overall, it was still a mess.

3.  Asylum (2012)


Going into the second season and knowing it would take place at an asylum…I was excited.  It worked out well, a good season with some great characters.  Some Satanic presence made for a fun story, but the over arching story with “Bloody Face” was really cool.  Jessica Lange shined in Asylum, her character arc was insane and reason enough to watch the season.  Not to mention, set in 1964 when places like this got their reputation.  Remember old, shut down asylums are great places for the Ghost hunting shows to go and investigate.

I did think the Alien story was weird and did not plan out the way it should have, probably should have been left out.  The rest is good.  I only wish I would have liked it better.

2. Coven (2013)


This may come to some people’s surprise that Coven is near the top of my list.  I am, the story-line was very linear in Coven, with some great flashbacks with Kathy Bates, who I loved in her first season.  The characters were fantastic, I really love the idea of Covens and witches being organized, but at the same time, it is cut throat to be the next Supreme.

The season moves at a good pace and I love the characters in the story.  I don’t know why, but for some reason, I felt like my mind was being read by the writers.  Stevie Nicks, for some reason I always thought she had a witch like quality and her music popped up in the season…then she did and it was wonderful.

1 Murder House (2011)


The season that started everything.  I started it three different times.  I thought it was so hard to get in to, I could not get in to the first two episodes…the Halloween came around.  The two part Halloween episode was just what the doctor ordered.  From there the season took off.  There were many twists and turns and some really great things happening.  The rules for Ghosts in American Horror Story worked so well and may have changed things a little.  But, my favorite cast is in the this season, along with the great story.  I loved delving into the history of the house and its previous tenants.

American Horror Story brings us something different every single year.  I like that each season seems to somehow connect, and it wall works within the same world, just different times.  Fantastic way to work out stories.  I would really like to see other decades used, we have seen the 1950s, 1960s and current times.  I would love to visit some of my favorite decades, like the 1980s or 1990s.  I think a show set in the 1970s, but Satanic Panic would be amazing!

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