Halloween Director lashes out against a popular franchise

imageRecent reports indicate that director John Carpenter spoke poorly about the franchise Friday the 13th. Early this week on Bret Easton Ellis(writer of Less Than Zero and American Psycho) podcast, John Carpenter revealed that he was NOT A Fan of the Friday the 13th franchise. Carpenter mentioned that the franchise was all about cheap scares targeting younger audience which in my opinion is what makes me a horror fan but coming from the director of The Thing, Escape from New York and the infamous Halloween, I can see where he’s coming from I mean cmon, he’s even doing a live tour of his Lost Themes and Original movie scores.


imageLet’s face it,Halloween and Friday the 13th had great movies going for them Including remakes but every horror fan can agree that both franchises have disappointing sequels.



Director John Carpenter says it’s series ( Friday the 13th) comes off as very cynical moviemaking and it doesn’t rise “above it’s cheapness.”

Post in the comments below and tell us how you feel about the situation, what franchise is your favorite, and if you agree with director John Carpenter.image

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