Help the “Voorhees” Kickstarter and Bring Jason Back to Crystal Lake

As you might have learned, we here at the Horror Syndicate are HUGE Friday the 13th fans.  You have heard us talk about the movies, video games and even fan films.  Well here is another fan film and you have the chance to help them out in making this movie and bringing Jason back to alive once again.

With about 10 days to go, the Voorhees fan film, set in the Friday the 13th film universe needs your help.  The crew is currently running a kickstarter.  They are looking for $8,000 to help get this movie made into a feature length film.  Right now, they are currently just over $800 needed to make their goal.

Do what I did, help this movie happen!  I pledged to get the DVD or Blu Ray.

If you want to support the kickstarter click here.


“Voorhees” takes place at and around the old grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. The individuals who we follow are not summer campers. Far from it

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