I hope it’s Not Chris’s Blood

1996 was a huge year for the world of survival horror. Although many survival horror games didn’t come out that year, there was only one. Resident Evil for the PlayStation and Sega Cd (albeit,preferred on PlayStation). This game was not only one of the founding fathers for survival horror but also an absolute cheese-fest.

Don’t get me wrong, this game is freaking scary with its eerie soundtrack, enemies at every corner and limited resources such as ammo and health replenishments. But there was one thing about this game that I would never forget, and that is the horrendous voice acting. A Jill Sandwich imagewasn’t the only hilarious thing to come out of Barry Burton’s mouth (he is the best and most hilarious of them all) for the entire game was nothing but over the top dialogue and nonsensical reactions to situations in the game ( such as Chris getting maced in the face and being absolutely fine with it).


I love the original Resident Evil games and it’s a shame that the series was ruined by the hot-box of fart movie series directed by Paul WS Anderson ( not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson) Please enjoy this 10 minute video of hilarious dialogue from the classic game, Resident Evil and please tell us YOUR favorite line from the game!



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