Press Release: Crypt TV Partners Up With OBB Pictures

For all you Crypt TV fans out there, some huge news has just been announced! Those of you that are not aware of Crypt TV, it was launched in 2015 and co-founded by CEO Jack Davis and Horror movie maestro Eli Roth. It is backed by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions. Crypt TV has a very popular YouTube channel and is responsible for the Webby award-winning short The Birch.

Here is an excerpt from the official Press Release:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (Los Angeles)

OBB Pictures and Crypt TV have entered into a co-production agreement to develop and produce horror and thriller series for the premium television and digital space together; it was announced today by OBBs CEO, Michael D. Ratner and Crypt TV CEO, Jack Davis.

Through the strategic partnership, the companies will work together on a number of projects that marry Crypts exciting library of horror IP, rabid fan base and vast merchandising channels with OBBs extensive relationships and experience in developing, producing and selling premium serial content in both the television and digital space.

The first project under the newly formed partnership is Thing in the Apartment, which is currently in advanced development as a long-form series designed for premium or streaming platforms.  The hugely popular franchise from the Crypt TV universe centers around three college students suffering from severe sleep disorders who unite to investigate the disappearance of their friend, but come to discover that the creatures from their nightmares are being brought to life and more than just their lives are in danger.

The CEO’s went on to comment…

Ratner said, “Were really excited to be diving into a partnership with Jack and the rest of his team at Crypt TV. Their vast library of content and monster IP coupled with their built-in loyal audience makes them the perfect partners for us as we enter the world of scary.”

Davis said, “Crypt is creating the next generation of iconic monsters. Thing in the Apartment thrilled millions of Crypt fans online and was a huge hit as part of Crypt’s screening at Tribeca Film Festival. Michael, Scott, Eric, Elias and the entire team at OBB Pictures truly understand how to create premium, long form TV and digital content and we are very excited to be working with them to grow Thing in the Apartment and more monsters.”


I don’t know about you boils and ghouls, but this is some pretty exciting stuff for the Horror world. These two forces joining together could potentially take the streaming TV world by storm. I am very stoked to see how Thing in the Apartment will play out as a lengthy series.





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