Review: Hulu’s Grimcutty (2022)

I saw the trailer for Grimcutty a few days ago and I figured I would give it a shot.  It is the 31st horror film of 2022 I have seen.  This one doesn’t creep into the top 10, or even Top 20.  But, that does not mean it is terrible or not worth watching.  This has been a huge year for horror and I think, if you have Hulu, give it a shot, but don’t go out of your way to see Grimcutty.


A suburban teen girl and her little brother must stop a terrifying internet meme brought to life by the hysteria of their parents.

So, yeah…this is one of those kind of teen horror movies that is centered around the internet, social media and kind of like a creepy pasta in the vein of the Slender man, with some Death Note influences in the design of the title character.

The themes of teens and kids spending too much time on their phones, laptops and social media is in the forefront in this film.  The parents all hear about this new popular internet challenge called Grimcutty and the decide to put all the family devices into a “detox box” for a week.  But, you know that wont stop kids in getting on the internet.

The movie is kind of unevenly paced and there really isn’t too much there as far as substance goes.  I do think this is one that would be good for younger teens and kinds a little younger.  But the only problem with that, Grimcutty stalks these kids and cuts them, which makes them seem like they’re cutting themselves.  That seems like a risky thing to let such impressionable minds see.  I have two kids, 13 and 9, I know they could handle a movie like this.

The only real thing of note is the creature design, I don’t know whether to laugh, cringe or be creeped out.  The body is oddly shaped and it could be jarring seeing this figure just pop up.  But, were they going for overly cartoony in the look of the character, or is it bad CGI or what?  I don’t know.

The trailer intrigued me, the movie itself was kind of predictable, with a few ok moments.  But I think it is a paint by numbers horror film.  Is it worth watching?  Eh, maybe.  I watched it and it didn’t kill me, so give it a shot, everyone sees things differently.  Give it a shot. has a rating of 4.4 for Grimcutty.

I gave it a slightly higher score of 4.6

Check it out if you want too, but you don’t.  According to my list of 32 horror films released in 2022, there are 27 better and most are streaming.  That is all my own opinion of course.

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