The Horror Jew’s Top 5 Zombie Scenes




Counting down, we go from slow-walking voodoo zombies to an army of punk-rock-flesh-eating,brain-obsessed ,living dead I give you our top 5 zombie scenes from the horror zombie scenes:


5:THE HORDE (La Horde)

Action/horror carnage wreaks havoc amongst the French survival horror film The Horde. A drug deal gone wrong inside multi unit apartment building in France where gangsters and cops duel out in a drug bust gone wrong, only to face their fate when a full on zombie-apocalypse keeps everyone is close corners. The gangsters and cops must from an alliance in his “under the radar” action flick where The Raid:Redemption meets Left Four Dead.
There are a lot of fun and gory scenes in this flick but the one that stands out is when Ouessem (played by Jean-Pierre Martins) takes on the horde of the living dead so everyone else can escape. :SPOILER ALERT:



4:Dawn of The Dead (1978)

The cult classic Night of the Living Dead’s younger brother Dawn Of The Dead has a lot of fun filled ( and cheesy) moments in this pre-apocalyptic nightmare but one stands out as a fan favorite when the unsuspected foursome heroes are refueling the helicopter that lands right before they make it to the mall. Jim Krut plays the helicopter zombie in this classic head slicing scene. This must’ve been dangerous!


3:Zombi 2 (1979)

Italian horror always used to copy the success of cult flicks and sometimes they’re even better! When a boat crash lands into the docks in Manhattan, police investigate only to be attack and one of the cops mauled by a zombie on board. The New York event spawns an investigation for a woman to search for her missing father on a tropical island where scientist have been looking for a cure for the undead. Directed by the late Lucio Fulci, this film has a lot of infamous moments as well as Dawn of The Dead but Zombi 2 includes and underwater shark fight between the fish and a zombie, Molotov cocktails and the one that made the list Death by Door!


2:Dellamorte Dellamore ( The Cemetery Man) 1994:

Rupert Everett (in his favorite role to date) plays a groundskeeper, along with his bumbling sidekick Gnaghi ( François Hadji-Lazaro)for a cemetery where his job is to put down the recently deceased as they reanimate and return from the grave. Directed by Michele Soavi (The Church, StageFright) this awesome cult classic includes an epic scene where a the mayors daughter’s boyfriend returns from the grave (due to his motorcycle accident he became infused with his bike and buried that way) and spawns like a bat out of hell out of his tomb while the score is set to Ozzy Osbourne’s cover of HellRaiser. Talk about being Fucking Metal!
41:00min -43:00




1:Burial Ground (1981)

Yes, I am including one from the Tombs of the Undead series as the top spot. Mummy zombies need love and mentioning too. This movie is a chaotic, Italian nightmare that will make the average horror fan chuckle and the average mother cry in rage. A family goes on vacation to a house and after that I lose track of the plot.
The boy (who looks like a 30 year old man) bites off his mother’s breast. Yum.
1:45min -2:19 min

Ok that is my top 5 Zombie scenes here at The Horror Syndicate so please enjoy the videos follow us on Facebook and like us on Twitter!

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