The Horror Syndicate Live Ep 13: Friday the 13th

Here we go again, but this time, there is purpose.  How awesome is it?  Our 13th podcast falls on Friday the 13th, we are really excited and hope you are too!  Remember you can watch here on YouTube or Live on Facebook but stream while you watch your favorite Friday movies.  Hang out with us and chime in about the movies.  We want to hear from you!

With us this week, Bryan Enright @TheHorrorJew, Baron Craze @Baron_Craze, Jared Letourneau @Zombi_surviorMorgan Jewel Sawan @Morgan_Jewel_S, Ray Cannella @RayzillaNJ and the creator of the Horror Syndicate Ray Marek @Rayzor_33.  Follow on Podbean and Subscribe on YouTube, not to mention follow all of the Horror Syndicate on Twitter and Facebook.

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