Review: AHS 1984 Ep1

September 19, 2019 Brian White

I love this show. Usually. I wasn’t a fan of the Cult season and I thought Roanake was a tired re-visitation of an idea done a million times before, but for the most part, American […]


Review: 3 From Hell (2019)

September 18, 2019 Chuck Ransford

Fans of the films of Rob Zombie have waited a long time for a follow up to his 2005 effort The Devil’s Rejects. When it was announced that there would be a third entry into […]


Review: All Strippers Must Die! (2012)

September 16, 2019 Ray Marek III

There is a lot to be said about distribution and advertising for a movie.  Especially in the world of Indie Horror.  This is where Wild Eye steps in, they can take a movie that, well […]


Review: Clownado (2019)

September 16, 2019 Ray Marek III

Yes, this exists.  That is what I keep thinking and have thought when I heard of this movie.  Of course we shared the trailer a couple of weeks ago and it caused a stir on […]


Review: Killer Campout (2017)

September 15, 2019 Ray Marek III

Horrorhound Weekend has come and gone and I walked away with 8 different movies from Wild Eye Releasing.  The first one that caught my eye on the table was Killer Campout.  The cover art screamed […]

Retro Review

Jason Goes to Hell: A Second Look

September 12, 2019 Chuck Ransford

It’s no secret that fans of the Friday the 13th series are highly critical of the ninth installment of the franchise, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. I freely admit that I have shared the […]

No Home

Indiegogo: Pool Party Massacre 2!!!

September 11, 2019 Ray Marek III

Over the weekend at Horrorhound Weekend Indy, I spoke to the uber talented and devastatingly handsome Drew Marvick.  We talked about Pool Party Massacre and its coming sequel, also the length of Drew’s beard, oh […]

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