Review: Clownado (2019)

Yes, this exists.  That is what I keep thinking and have thought when I heard of this movie.  Of course we shared the trailer a couple of weeks ago and it caused a stir on our Facebook page, a minor stir.  But, I saw this at HorrorHound Weekend, it was the second movie that caught my attention at the Wild Eye booth, after Killer Campout, which I reviewed yesterday.  So now…Clownado.  I actually held off as long as possible, so about a week.  Let’s see what I think of Clownado.  First, you have to know what you’re getting in to with Wild Eye movies, low budget Indie movies that are…all…not great.


Cursed demonic circus clowns set out on a vengeful massacre using tornadoes. A stripper, Elvis impersonator, truck driver, teen runaway, and a dude get caught in the supernatural battle between femme fatal and the boss clown from hell.

Yeah, so the movie starts kind of like a detective noir story, the lead female…kinda, Savanna(Rachel Lagen) has this Boston style accent and it makes me think, oh this is from the 1940s or a flashback.  Then…SEND IN THE CLOWNS!  The clowns come in led by Big Ronnie(John O’Hara) and ruins Savanna’s love affair.  She gets a kinds of pissed and goes to the local witch who curse the clowns.

At first the movie sucked, from the beginning, I was thinking, “what in the hell is going on here, this is bad.”  You meet the clowns, see the ritual to curse them, then it flashes to a nearly racist redneck truck driver, picking up black Elvis impersonator, then you realize the truck driver was trying to help him.  They go to the strip club and meet Linnea Quigley, with her short cameo, but the pick the stripper “Bambi”(Dilynn Fawn Harvey) who, well isn’t the youngest stripper, but the best according to the people of the town.  Then, we cannot forget the tween runaway…But they all converge and the clownado begins.  The “clownado” basically is a way for the killer clowns to travel, which I guess makes sense.  If it can make sense in a movie like this.

The group has to fight off the clowns a few times, but you really begin to like a couple of the characters, the Elvis impersonator(Antwoine Steele)  is great, as is the truck driver Hunter(Bobby Westrick), they ended up being a fun duo.  The other characters are pretty much…meh.  The runaway, the stripper were kind of annoying and well the stripper just wanted to get back to her kid.  But earlier, when she accepts the ride from Hunter, she should have just gone home, but whatever.

The movie gradually gets better and I do believe it has to do with the characters.  I don’t think it is a “must see”, but it is ridiculous and fun in many parts, so why not check it out.  The clowns are goons and creepy, the female was my favorite, probably because of here flesh eating tits.  It may be worth checking out for the gore and the clowns running amok.

One of the best things about this movie, it was crowd funded on Indiegogo.  The budget was just over $5k and it made over $18k…WOW!

Clownado is available on from Wild Eye, September 17, 2019, which is tomorrow, unless you’re reading this on the 17, then it is today…or later. has a rating of 6.8 out of over 1500 rankings, not bad

I give Clownado a solid 5.  It may be the best movie released by Wild Eye.  Totally worth checking out and with a group for sure!

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