Review: Don’t Fuck in the Woods (2016)

How does this movie have a lower rating that “All Strippers Must Die”? I have heard about this movie a bunch since the beginning of the Horror Syndicate.  I will be honest, the title turned me off completely.  But meeting some of the people who worked on the movie at Horrorhound Weekend and I said, well “fuck it”!  I grabbed a copy and I am a little confused on the edition I bought.  It has a drinking/smoking game and I wonder if the regular edition, but it doesn’t matter.


A group of friends are going on a camping trip to celebrate graduating college. But once they enter the woods, the group are attacked by a creature.

This movie, well after knowing about the game, should have a lot of bare breasts in the movie.  This one does not disappoint at all.  But this one is more than some “titties”.  There are some really good effects and the cast is for the most part pretty fun.  I really do think the reasoning for the low score could be the title.  It is an Indie film, so don’t be such a prick about rating this movie.  It is fun.

There are some issues, which really, not that big of a deal.  Like one of my biggest problems, the tent scenes.  These were mostly sex scenes and it looked like the director and the camera man were in the tent with the actors.  This was an issue because the shots were extremely tight and at times you couldn’t make out what was going on.  But really, that is the biggest issue with this one.  The acting and direction isn’t bad.  Just sit down, chill out and have some fun, stop being a pretentious film critic.

Yeah, the easy way to label this is, fun, a fun monster movie, with boobies and good gore.  I liked it, I had been watching a lot of trash lately, perhaps that is why I seemed to enjoy this one.  I mean, I saw movies like All Strippers Must Die, Killer Campout, Acid Bath and Clownado, which were not all bad.  But Acid Bath and All Strippers Must Die are giant pieces of shit. has a bizarrely low 2.6

I give this a 5.8, because it is fun and boobs!  It is Indie horror gold.

There is a sequel coming soon and yeah…Ima check it out 100%

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