31 Days of Horror: Five Horror Youtubers to Watch

Have you ever been in the mood to watch some horror but don’t feel like sitting down and watching a full length movie? Of course you have! I’m here to tell you about four horror youtubers I love to watch in those times. YouTube videos are known for being short formed entertainment, so these spooky channels are perfect to turn to when you’re looking for a quick horror fix. Their videos consist of scary story times, horror game play, paranormal investigations, real true crime stories and more! While most of the videos on these channels are much shorter than movies, there are some longer ones as well. So, let’s get into it shall we?!

1. Loey Lane


Loey does it all. From playing horror games like the recently released Blair Witch and the phone game Simulacra, to scary storytimes and paranormal investigations that she dragster of her friends along to. While most of her content on this channel is paranormal or spooky related, she does also occasionally upload some fashion and beauty videos. I first discovered Loey’s channel a couple of years ago when the viral twitter story Dear David was playing out and she was covering it on her channel. Since then I have been a loyal subscriber and followed her content closely. Since Dear David is how I discovered her, and i also really love that story, I decided to share part one to her covering the full Dear David story on her channel after it came to an end.

2) Hailey Reese


Like Loey, Hailey, who just happens to be one of Loey’s friends, makes videos mainly focused on the paranormal, that include story times and investigations that she goes on. Hailey grew up in a haunted house has become really passionate about the paranormal.  Hailey is currently uploading a video to her channel every day of October to celebrate Halloween! She recently spent the night in the most haunted room, B340, on the ship the Queen Mary with her cousin and mom. She has several videos that took place on the ship, and what they experienced and the stories they heard from the staff were all very interesting.

3) Bella Fiori


While Bella has a very diverse channel that is filled with beauty, fashion, and home videos, horror lovers might be interested in her channel because she also happens to put out lots of videos about True Crime. Her videos can be a bit lengthy, but that’s a good thing because it means she does a lot of research on the crimes she’s telling the world about. 

4) MindSeedTv


MindSeedTV, run by Casey, originally started out as a channel for tech reviews, but now includes a variety of spooky videos as well. I first discovered MindSeedTv last summer when the “dark web unboxing” videos were trending on YouTube. Since then, Casey has started to explore haunted locations with his friend Steve in a series on the channel called Hunting Purgatory, along with videos where he investigates haunted and cursed objects, and the dark web. Here is episode two of their Haunting Purgatory series, which took place at a haunted hotel in Florida. I also suggest checking out his videos of him opening a dybbuk box, and what happened in his home the week after. Casey and Steve are slightly skeptical when it comes to the paranormal so they are very thorough with their investigations, and it’s fun to see what conclusions they come to. 

5) Jaskinho


While I also first watched one of Jaskinho’s videos last summer when the Dark Web Mystery Box craze was going around, I didn’t return to his channel until a couple of months ago. Most of Jaskinho’s videos involve him opening dark web mystery boxes, and it seems like he’s had a few stalkers sending him boxes repeatedly, as you can see in his video above. He’s also started branching out and exploring haunted locations with his friends. From the beginning, I’ve been very skeptical about any dark web mystery box videos, because the box can easily be faked by both the youtuber or sender. Personally, I believe Jaskinho’s videos are authentic, but even if they weren’t I would still appreciate them for their entertainment value, and the story that he is telling, as the boxes he has received have contained some very creepy and concerning content that makes you think, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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