A Farewell Letter to AMC’s The Walking Dead

All great things must come to an end. Unfortunately, for AMC’s The Walking Dead, greatness died in season 5 but the fans wanted to stick with it because of the time that has been invested into such a perfectly paced action/drama about zombies. After this last season though I’m saying goodbye to the show I once loved and respected.

The season that gets the most bad reputation by far used to be season 2. Everyone remembers poor Sophia in the Barn and Carol’s change from distraught mother into hero. Season 3 brought us the prison and Governor. Even then, looking back now with the Governor’s plot, TWD was still amazing compared to this played out/ empty bucket season.I remember being so frustrated when Dale and Andrea met their demise, frustrated with the fact that they lived in the comics for a very long time. I remember shouting at the screen because Andrea’s death was so drawn out and could’ve been avoided but once again it doesn’t compare to the hot mess that this latest season had to offer.
It seems that AMC’s The Walking Dead is bleeding a stone, and if they’re not then the writing says otherwise. What began so strong with a new antagonist, Negan, the show was at an amazing start. So amazing that Negans appearance made us forget the terrible previous season in Alexandria and how Rick became leader. This season then fell back into its hole of bad side plots, terrible writing, and incredible slow pace but this time TWD made the viewer make every Sunday night a chore instead of a choice. A priority because everyone who fell in love with TWD since day one has to keep up with the show so they can avoid spoilers on Facebook and twitter. At this point, I don’t care if someone ruins climaxes from future episodes because I’m breaking up with AMC’s The Walking Dead. I know I’m going to receive a lot of hate for my departure with the show but it’s my choice and I feel the need to be heard.

I remember spending hours and hours buying the graphic novels way before The Walking Dead was a pitch for a tv series. When I found out that TWD was receiving a pilot season, the horror fan that I am needed to be on it fast. The first season and second was written by Frank Darabont ( Shawshank Redemption, The Mist) who was later fired due to creative differences and then the show was ran by Scott Gimple and horror guru Greg Nicotero. The show was great for a while, bringing zombie horror and realism but then something happened…. We, the audience were given lackluster episodes with empty side plots and characters we no longer cared for. Why should AMC stop? They’re making bank now that their show has become a household name and a staple in pop culture. The fans are massive and kept growing and growing, ratings we higher then ever and that “Fire” gained approval for more seasons. I believe that very fire has burned out and is running on fumes. This last episode of the season could’ve had multiple flying tigers, zombie hordes and a dance routine; it still wouldn’t have saved the show from its horrible season.

I can’t do this all over again with another season. The show runners could’ve sped up the show earlier in the season instead of giving us shit side stories and empty characters. This is not the first time AMCs The Walking Dead has had a shitty season but this is the final straw. I’ll catch up on future seasons of TWD, but it’ll be on my time through Netflix and not my Sunday nights at 9pm. Good riddance.

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