Review: Poltergeist (2015)

September 17, 2016 Morgan Jewel Sawan

If you read the first Millennial Morgan Plays Catch Up post, you probably already know that I recently watched the 1982 hit Poltergeist, and decided to watch the 2015 remake of it afterwards. Usually I […]


The Rise and Fall of Resident Evil pt1

September 15, 2016 Bryan Enright

  With video game terror raising the bar in todays’s gaming, wether it’s survival horror, customizing weapons to fight off the undead or just sitting through a spooky ghost story; horror games are focusing on […]


Review: Beneath the Darkness (2011)

September 11, 2016 Richard Krueger

I was hoping for more of a supernatural horror, what I got was a teen thriller… The basic story goes, a couple of average/stereotype teens decide to have a bit of fun by investigating the […]

Is it Horror?

Is It Horror? Predator (1987)

September 10, 2016 Jared Letourneau

There are plenty of films that can be considered genre-bending. Actions, dramas and thrillers can all coincide at times during a movie. The tougher designation is determining if those moments belong to the Horror group. […]


Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

September 6, 2016 Richard Krueger

This movie completely floored me, I rented it looking for a cheap laugh, I was expecting a cheesy low production of an Evil Dead Parody.  What I got was a well-timed, horror comedy. This is […]


Review: Don’t Breathe (2016)

August 28, 2016 Mike Annerino

Going into a film blind is something that I try to do as often as possible, especially when it comes to horror movies. Those movies more than any others are the ones that I look […]

Horror Lists

The Horror Jew’s Another TOP 5 Zombie Scenes

August 22, 2016 Bryan Enright

Well, here we are again with another Top 5 Zombie scenes of ALL TIME starting with…Don’t forget the first list The Horror Jew’s Top 5 Zombie Scenes. 5: FlyBoy’s Transformation (Dawn of the Dead 1978) […]


Review: The Thing (2011)

August 16, 2016 Ray Marek III

This will not be a long winded review at all.  John Carpenter’s The Thing is a horror classic and for years I have heard people asking for a sequel.  In 2011, we got a prequel. […]


Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

August 13, 2016 Ray Marek III

I have no words to describe what I just watched.  This film was so damned generic I wanted to puke.  This was the second time I have ever seen Texas Chainsaw 3D and it didn’t […]


Review: Mama (2013)

August 7, 2016 Victoria Enright

For my first horror movie review, I decided none would be more fitting than Mama. After all, being a new mom myself, I might be able to gain a new perspective on this intense horror […]

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