Review: The Purge Election Year (2016)

The Purge Election Year is the third movie in The Purge series. It follows our pal, Leo
(Frank Grillo) from The Purge Anarchy, two years later, as he tries to protect a senator who is running for president wants to end the annual purge, on purge night, and comes out July 4th weekend, so seeing it is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday!

I think the Purge series is one of the most unique ones in recent years. Not only is it a story unlike any other horror, or post-apocalyptic one, but it is one that seems like it is right on the edge of being plausible. I mean, I could definitely see a Purge like situation happening before a Hunger Games one. Especially after threats of people committing real life purge crime sprees in various cities around the country, the summer that The Purge Anarchy came out.

The first movie wasn’t bad, but left you wanting more, which come to think of it, was probably on purpose. The second one, The Purge Anarchy, was perfect. It showed you the various crimes and motives for those crimes that happen all around the cities on purge night. It introduced a more complex storyline about rich people buying or kidnapping people to purge, and other ways that make the poor people targets on this night, and how people against it all are starting to unite and call themselves to rebel against the New Founding Fathers who created the purge.


By the looks of the realistic “I purge” commercials and the trailer, the third installment in the franchise would be just as great.

the-purgeJust like Anarchy, Election Year starts off with different groups of people that eventually come together. In The Purge Election Year those groups are Leo,and senator Roan, a convenient store owner and his employee, and a girl who is friends with them, but then goes off to run an unofficial emergency vehicle that is part of the anti-purge resistance. Soon enough the groups meet up and have the common goal of keeping senator Roan alive, in hopes that she will win the election and get rid of this horrid night once and for all.

Navigating through the city is no easier for this group, than it was in the last movie. In fact, it might even be harder. The people and crimes seem to be more violent and crazy. Seriously, some of these people are so crazy that it’s funny. Funny, but still scary as hell. We see teenage girls, gangs, the resistance, and murder tourists who come to the country to partake in America’s “great tradition” of the purge, and even the government in action. We did see a little bit of the role the government really plays on purge night in Anarchy, but they expand on that a lot. We also see something that will tie all three of the Purge movies together. You might want to rewatch the previous films, and keep an eye out for this, because I didn’t even realize it until I heard other people talking about it while we were exiting the theatre. The only thing that disappointed me about the film was that Cali, the young girl from Anarchy who seemed to become close to Leo, and was very interested in the resistance, never made an appearance.

Other than that, The Purge Election Year lived up to my expectations, and was just as action packed, and bloody than Anarchy. Sadly, it seems like The Purge franchise may end up being just a trilogy, but if that is the case, at least they ended on a high note. You can see The Purge Election Year in theatres July 1st.

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