Review: THE FARM (2018)

December 14, 2018 Brian White

We’ve been here before: an attractive couple driving cross-country stops off at the wrong place and the horror ensues. It’s not a bad premise, it certainly has been effective for decades within the genre, but […]

Horror Blu Ray/DVD News

Suspira 2018 Coming to Blu Ray in January

December 10, 2018 Ray Marek III

Suspiria is coming to Blu Ray very soon!  Who is buying a copy? Young American dancer Susie Bannion arrives in 1970s Berlin to audition for the world-renowned Helena Markos Dance Company, stunning the troupe’s famed […]


Book Review: The Ballad of Black Tom

December 6, 2018 Brock Nicholson

Before I begin this review, let’s get something out of the way. If you think there is no place in fiction for real world concerns, for “politics”, or for notions of social justice, The Ballad […]


Review: GNAWBONE (2016)

December 5, 2018 Brian White

I miss the video store experience. Back in the day, my weekend wasn’t complete without hoofing it over to Video Time and spending at least half an hour prowling the aisles, picking up video boxes, […]


Evil Dead Nativity Scene

December 3, 2018 Bryan Enright

Created by Maff Baker In only two months, every single item is custom made including the clock. Pay attention to this detailed Evil Dead nativity scene to bring a little horror to the holiday season. […]


Review: Loon (2017)

December 3, 2018 Jared Letourneau

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve all had to read my horror movie drivel boils and ghouls. But, with the calendar winding down and 2018 coming soon to a close, I figured I would […]

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