Can’t Miss Horror Documentaries

I wonder if it is a horror fan thing or just as universal with every genre.  I am a big fan of documentaries, how things are made, why writers and directors chose what they did and soaking it all in.  Especially when I love the subject, like horror or comic books.  I generally don’t but DVDs or Blu Rays without decent special features, especially docs.

Let’s admit one thing that is great about being a horror fan.  There are plenty of great docs out there for horror movies.  Not all are created equal and really, not all are the same.  For instance, the doc, “Room 237”, it is a doc about the Shining, but really breaking it down to what statements Kubrick was trying make with the film.  Very interesting doc, and while I do recommend it, Room 237 will not be on the list.  Another I really enjoyed was “The Nightmare”, which isn’t exactly horror, but it is chilling as it explores sleep paralysis and the effects it has on people.  It really is kind of a spooky doc.  Two more, Cropsey and Killer Legends from Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills.  Killer Legends explores urban legends and Cropsey is about a real like killer and a New York urban legend. Killer Legends is streaming on Tubi, YouTube and Vudu for free!  Cropsey is streaming on Prime, Tubi and Vudu!  Check them out!

Actually the last that is not about horror movies is one called “The American Scream”, which is about the love of Halloween decor and the bond that holds a family together, yes making a yearly haunted house.  It is a good doc for Halloween lovers, not Michael Myers Halloween, the actual holiday.  You can rent on Amazon Prime for 3 or Vudu for 4 bucks.

One more doc you won’t find on this list, but is a must, American Movie.  The film chronicles the real making of Coven, an indie horror film directed by filmmaker Mark Borchardt.

Now, there are also plenty of great docs produced for Scream Factory, Severin, Arrow and others.  But, you’d have to purchase those collector’s editions to see them and it is worth it.

I will list a 10 Docs you need to see below and where to find them.

10. Why Horror?


9. You’re So Cool, Brewster: The Story of Fright Night (2016)

Blu Ray

8. Best Worst Movie (2009)

Prime, Tubi

7. Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009)


6. Birth of the Living Dead (2013)


5. In Search of Darkness (2019)

Blu Ray

4. Eli Roth’s History of Horror (2018)


3. Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019)


2. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010)


1.Crystal Lake Memories (2013)


This is a top 10 list, but there are so many great docs listed before the list to check out.  If you’re a horror doc junkie like me, you’ll get to watching and you should.

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